A Math Lesson – Short Prose by Artist/Author Koval To Prove Jill Stein Can Win.

Short prose piece in which artist author uses math to prove Jill Stein can win. 

      *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Pay attention class – this is an important lesson.   There will be a test.  

If you do the math… it proves that Jill Stein can win.  

I’ll state it again on the blackboard so you can all read it as many times as you need,  for it to sink in.  

                                    MATH PROVES JILL STEIN CAN WIN.  

Quiet class!  No more smart remarks or sniggering…. Shut up!   

It’s time you learned the difference between fact and media-conditioned reflex.  

Math is not an opinion – it’s  1+1=2  

It cannot be altered by psychological conditioning, fear, intimidation, propaganda lies. 

Math says  2+2=4   and that is a fact.  

When a voter says, “Jill Stein can’t win”  that is NOT a fact – nor is it even an opinion. 

It’s a herd prole [1984 newspeak] reciting its media implanted programming.  

Ring the bell…the dog salivates – Pavlovian conditioning – all designed to divert the vast herds of consumer-addict proles from the facts of … simple Math.   

The Programmers  know the vast numbers of you are out there; and that if you move together in the direction They don’t want you to… then Their candidates – The Ringer & The Red Herring – can both lose. 

You see class,  They have done the Math;  and they’re desperate that you don’t figure out  the answer.  

There are 2 key elements in the equations:  ON BALLOT & VOTER TURNOUT. 

Jill Stein’s  Greens  are on the ballot in 45 states + D.C.  which includes all the electoral colleges that Obama won in 2012 except Nevada – so 326 instead of 332.  

Only 270 [83%] of those are needed to win – that’s totally EXCLUDING the red states.  

The Greens need not even campaign in those.  

Next:  between 52% to 73% of people [depending on demographic]  dislike and distrust both Hillary and Trump.  

In 2012,  the voter turnout was 58% of eligible voters;  about 129 mil. out of  222.5 mil. 

51% of that 58%  – nearly 66 mil. – got Obama 332 out of 538 electoral votes. 

Which means  29.6% of total eligible voters decided who was to be president. 

42% of total eligible voters   DID NOT SHOW UP.   

Do the math – you think 42% would be enough eligible voters to change who won? 

Let’s say 65% of those no-shows dislike both Hillary & Trump…

That’s 27.3% of total eligible voters.   Could that be enough to win in the right colleges? 

YES.  In 2000,  Bush won 271 electoral votes with 23.1% of eligible voters. 

Too slim a victory?  Don’t want to use a red states win as an example?  Ok… 

In 1992,  Clinton won 370 electoral votes with 23.65% of eligible voters.   

That’s  44,909,806 voters.   

Jill Stein promised to cancel the student debt of approx. 42 mil. eligible voters by Executive Order – just like the bank bailout.        

Are we learning yet, class? 

Those are the facts.  The math works – it’s rational. 

What does NOT work, is human psychology – because it is NOT rational. 

It’s subject to the Pavlovian conditioning that media mass-marketing drills into your skulls – the programmed phrases that you obediently recite… totally convinced that you thought them up. 


Even Jill Stein supporters have swallowed these programming memes, and don’t even think to publicize the facts of The Math. 

It’s up to you – every single last one of you Eligible Voters.  

Are you going to retreat from your responsibility as a citizen? 

Surrender to fear and apathy? 

Or are you going to get over the falsely implanted despair;  get over your laziness; 

GET OFF YOUR ASS and do the right thing. 

Do the one thing – the very very LEAST thing that you can do as an ordinary SHMUCK  

And vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party on every single ballot they are on!      

There endeth the lesson.