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Abolishing Slavery Through Music!


Announcing: The official release of Music4Freedom first Modern Day Slavery digital album “United Artists for Change” A collaboration between International Independent Artists to educate, raise funds and awareness to support the work of Abolish Slavery Coalition with 70% from all album proceeds to support their work. The 13-track album features the voices of International, independent artists including;

CNN iReport Award winner, Hip-Hop Artist Omekongo Dibinga, young music composer Thomas Goedecke, and World Vision singer, songwriter Ezereve. Anti trafficking artists Sarah Carpio, Robert Coello, Brian Parsons, Dylan’s Dharma. Producer/Singer, Song-Writer Emanuel J Knight. Gospel /Christian Music Artists Tina Pantli, Eliane Linda, Jason Grech & Up & Coming Hip-Hop/R&B artist ACE


Music4Freedom seeks to educate the public about modern day slavery and human trafficking through music campaigns and digital music downloads which aims to spotlight the work of Abolish Slavery Coalition. This is Music4Freedom’s first anti slavery album and second charity digital music collection to support survivors of human trafficking, slavery and violence against women.  

United Artists for Change > is featured on The Abolish Slavery Coalition website. Visit the blogpost here:

United Artists for Change is available from all major online music stores including;   iTunes   Google Play  emusic  Sony Music Unlimited  Special thanks to the following production teams and group of talented individuals who made this album possible through their work, talents, skills and dedication. Jeff Cripps, Producer of A Sharp Recording Studio – Australia  Julien AUDUC, Producer of Stars Hound Production -France & Audio Animals – London UK Audio Mastering Services.

According to Audio Animals, the mastering services team who have worked with major artistes including Martin Hearn (world class drummer The Drifters) LTJ Bukem + Madcap (drum and bass legends) Francis Wood (finalist on The Voice) The album has been described as:

“One of the most inspirational and moving albums we’ve ever worked on.”

— Audio Animals Mastering Service Team

“I chose to write for this album because I am an artist. As an artist, I am obligated to speak the truth in what I see. I am obligated to share my perspectives to the world, particularly if it means the liberation of someone else. To have the power to share something that may change or save someone’s life and not use that power is in fact killing the person in need. I don’t want to kill dreams. I want to help release them to the world with my work, my art. I believe art can not only educate but liberate and that is why I am so deeply humbled and honored to be part of this incredible, liberating and educational project.”

— Positive Hip-Hop Artist Omekongo Dibinga

“This album is the result of a two year production & music collaboration between international artists, composers, beat-makers and producers. The album lyrics focus primarily on human trafficking; child labor, child soldiers, sex trafficking, domestic servitude and violence against women.”

— Meg Nezaj Co-Producer of United Artists for Change Album

“Throughout history music has been utilized as a source of inspiration, healing as well as an educational and advocacy tool in demanding an end to slavery; promoting equality, justice and freedom. Music was a common form of advocacy for both slaves and abolitionists from the early 1830’s onward. Let us join forces through activism and music to further awaken the cause to abolish slavery, human trafficking in our lifetime. ”

— Gia Ibarra Founder Music4Freedom

About Abolish Slavery Coalition

The Abolish Slavery Coalition prevents the spread of modern-day slavery by helping establish and mentor human trafficking task forces both domestically and internationally in order to find and protect those who have fallen into slavery

About Music4Freedom

Music4Freedom is dedicated to the protection of global human rights through music campaigns. Our vision is to inspire, awaken the minds and hearts of listeners motivating them to take action. Music4Freedom is a volunteer based organization focused on human rights.